Upcoming Performances

I will have a number of performances coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I hope to see you there. First, I will be singing a short set with Barbez at PS122’s Avant-Garde-O-Rama, this Saturday, 9/27/2003. Then, this Sunday, 9/28/2003, Barbez will share a full evening at Sin-é with Edison Woods and Loque, and we will have another full set at Northsix on Friday, 10/10/2003.

Finally, I will be performing two excerpts from TRAPPED at the d.u.m.b.o dance festival 2003, on Thursday, 10/16/2003, 7:00pm (GALA Benefit), and as part of the regular festival on Friday, 10/17/2003, 7:00pm.